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How many times have you been in your car and suddenly remembered that you have forgotten to switch off the light, fan or a/c on in your bed room or worse, still wondered if you have switched off the geyser in the bath?

Now you can put all that behind you. Anything that you may have forgotten could just be taken care of by a mere call from your mobile or computer network.

Residential automation is all about adding comfort, convenience, security and energy savings to your lifestyle. It is the remote and automatic control of your home's systems such as lighting, appliances, heating and air conditioning, entertainment components, security system, communication, irrigation system, pool, spa and all other systems in your home. These systems become easier to use and any level of automation can be installed.

It can be as simple as automatic control of outside security lights that come on at dusk and shut off at dawn or your home's exterior and interior lights, and your stereo , can all come on for you when you signal your garage shutter to open, so you don't have to enter a dark house or all systems in your entire home automatically controlled according to time of day, day of week or personal presence in room, and with voice control too..

It is about enjoying home theatre time by having the lights dim,curtains close, TV and Blueray Player turn on, phone mute, and coffee maker start.. all with the touch of just one button.

Your Home knows what to do... Automtically..

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