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Pests are pretty much unwanted “guests”, considering that they tend to ruin our peace of mind due to the damage that they cause, and hence, it becomes our dire need to control them. From mosquitoes and bed bugs to lizards and other reptiles, from fleas and ants to even weeds and birds-whatever your problems, we have perfect solutions and excellent services to get rid of them.

There are many different types of termite treatments are available. Each home is unique so treatment should be customized accordingly. By working closely with your termite specialist, you can develop an appropriate and effective termite treatment plan for your home.

This service includes liquid treatment at the entry points and infestation sites around a home, plus termite monitoring stations at various locations around your house to detect activity. 

Liquid Application with Repellent or with Non-Repellent - These types of treatments can be used inside and outside your home, and also can be injected directly into an infested area. Repellent products do not attract termites, but instead make an area unappealing to termites. Termites who come into contact with repellents are directed away from the home.

Since each infestation is unique, be sure to partner with a termite specialist to create a customized plan to treat your home.

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